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Ending DeadMan Wonderland!! DWB ft NIRGILIS!! Lyric + Download Link
I suggest You Listen 😀


After much delay here’s minamo which means the surface of the water. The song played in episode 15 during a critical scene. It shares much of the same imagery as Ai’s other song Koi wa Mizuiro except it has a much more story-like quality; it takes us from the encounter in the park to Ai’s secret place mirroring the progression of her arc.

As far as translation goes I’d like to make two notes. First, the song has a certain choppy quality created by the dropping of particles and the pauses between phrases. I tried to mimic that so whenever there was a space in the original I added punctuation marks in the corresponding parts of the translation. Second, in the lines starting with “I love you feeling baby” and “I love you need you baby” you should read the second parts down except verses 1 and 5. As an example in verse 4 the last two lines can be read together as “I close my eyes and check my feelings.”

Anyway that was kind of long. I hope you enjoy this!